It is a large chalet with all mod cons, but those who rent this property for their holidays – among them a certain number of celebrities – are not in search of the latest trends in design, but are looking for somewhere with character and peace and quiet in a secluded setting. A private entrance drive, then the chalet, which is classical. An outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna and fitness facility, a professional kitchen, massage room and also a bright sitting room, family photos, monogrammed linen, baroque furniture, a wine cellar: the rooms give off the feeling of having been happily lived in. Which is true.

Marietje baronne van Harinxma thoe Slooten was a Dutch baroness, who divided her time between several homes, one of them being this one in Bluche, which she had built in 1955. She was a baroness of great character, who died in 1989 and who left a deep impression throughout the region; there are many who still remember her joy of living, her enthusiasm for the parties that she loved organising, her direct contact.

Her descendents have the same taste for being sociable. Tiago Jurgens, the baroness's grandson, his wife Klaartje and their two children arrived from Holland in 2006, keen to come and live right next to the chalet where Tiago had so often spent his holidays. They took over the preparation and letting of this magnificent chalet. Already ten years ago, his mother, Odilia baronne van Harinxma thoe Slooten, had decided to let the property from time to time so that it would not be quite so empty.

Just like her, we are extremely attached to the building, we have many memories. We are letting it somewhat more today, but not too much either, in order to maintain a certain welcoming quality, Tiago explains. Klaartje adds: When we arrived, it was quite a suprise; we live in a flat, humid country and in the centre of Amsterdam. Here it's paradise, we enjoy the natural surroundings, the mountains, the local people, the sun, meeting an astonishing client or an exceptional cook...

Just like home…

After 3 fantastic years in Switzerland the family Jurgens moved back to Holland. As Tiago Jurgens is busy with his professional activities in Holland, it is Klaartje who takes care of managing the chalet. For our guests I want the best… I can cater to almost all their needs, but people must be aware of what to expect when they come, as it is quite a special place here and not necessarily to everyone's taste because it has a great deal of character. But some people are in search of just this type of house. Quite often, our clients don't even ski, but just go up to meet their family at lunchtime. In the chalet they can feel comfortable, just as if they were at home.

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