Privacy policy

Domaine de la Baronne respects your privacy. The information collected through this web site are only stored for internal use.

You decide which information to collect. When supplying information you agree with the terms and conditions for supplied information as specified in this policy. However, if you choose not to supply any information, you are not prohibited to enter the site’s management system.

Domaine de la Baronne tries as much as possible to maintain the trust of it’s visitors when a reservation has been recorded or when the contact form is used.


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IP addresses

The IP addresses of the visitors are stored in the management area of this web site. These IP addresses are used to track unauthorized visitors for internal use.

You have the right to request your personal information and settings considering your privacy and you have the right to adjust these details. You can do this through email or letter to the following address:

Mobile number: 0031 626 154 712 (Tiago Jurgens)

Please supply your name, address and/or email address when contacting Domaine de la Baronne.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.